Winter Sleeping bags

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I feel it is time for a new winter sleeping bag, my kathmandu moonracker has lost much of its loft and my Fairydown Superlite is not warm enough over the colder months. So after suggestions on what bag to get? There seems to be a surplus of top quality and mediocre brands on the market now.
Probably looking for a bag with around 800gm of down in a long length...
I hate to admit that the aussies do much well but after much procrastinating bought a 3 season One Planet. It compressers to nothing but more importantly its lofting ability beats the rest hands down Has neat zipping that allows you to pop the feet out the bottom and walk around on cold mornings if you are so inclined.
Would check it out, I hate having to get out of the sleeping bag once in it. Been reading up on the Exped WB series and they sound interesting. They seem to claim that the outer is 100% waterproof so it is a bivy sack and sleeping bag in one. Bivouac stocks them|Mats/Down_Sleeping_Bags/EXPSWANWB/Exped_Swan_WB.html
On the topic of Aussies, they do make good clothing for the middle of summer. The one planet sleeping bags do look good.
hmmmm, water proof? most good bags will shed water or should i say condensation. I carry a vaude bivvy bag for emergencies and sleeping on dirty floors. i suspect its performance in the wet may be more reliable than a water proof sleeping bag.
I would be a little cautious in interpreting how waterproof the bag is. The fabric has to breath otherwise you would wake up soaking in your own condensation. The waterproof breathable fabrics, like Epic, in the MacPac is designed to protect the down from your condensation (so it will loft) rather than to protect YOU from the weather.
Many high end bags have a waterproof fabric but use sewn seams (which might be sealed), the exped ones have welded seams seams are only sealed. The exped ones use welded seams which do not need to be sealed...
My understanding of the reasons for using "waterproof" fabrics on the outside of sleeping bags was mainly for two reasons: 1, to stop condensation and snow ruining the down insulation 2, to make the sleeping bag more windproof so you don't lose the the warm air from within the baffles. I've always used a bivy bag of fly with my sleeping bag when sleeping outside. One Planet do make some excellent gear, and Macpac and Fairydown make excellent sleeping bags as well.
For the time being I am going experiment with a exped downmat with my 3-season sleeping bag :) That way I can postpone getting another sleeping bag until I find a good deal.
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Started by militaris
On 5 May 2009
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