Stewart Island, Tin Range - Doughboy Bay

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Howdy Trampers! A group of three of us are planning a tramping trip over the Easter period starting from Driprose Bay - Doughboy Bay and then the remainder of the Southern Circuit. We intend to start at Driprose Bay and taking either the old Surveyors Track or Tramline to the Tin Range, traverse the range, camp overnight and drop into Doughboy Bay. From the Tin Range - Doughboy Bay is unknown to us at this stage. Would anybody be able to advise if there would be any preferred route to Doughboy Bay off the Tin Range, if anyone has done this before and or what the terrain is like? Any assistance or advice to help us plan would be greatly appreciated Many thanks!
Tristan Riley mentioned a route he and another guy followed to Doughboy off the Tin Range. It's on his site. I'll attempt to put up a jpg.file on marking where I interpreted he meant. This track may have been created by DoC workers as Frank and I once encountered a couple who had come up from west of the tin range when they were doing a kakapo survey (with no success) about 14 years ago I think it was. Frank and I did it off track and it took us about 36 hours all up including 2 overnight camps and using compass bearings. I hope to check out Tristan's track. If you find it, can you let me know how it was? Be good to take some cruise tape if you can to help others find and follow it.
Hi (Third time lucky - is this site unstable?) I'm the other 'guy' in many of Tristan's southern tramps. It was pretty straight forward to pick up this track (we were in no way expecting to find one).Using it will mean not traversing the Tin Range as you drop off it almost immediately at point 637m onto the obvious wide spur heading WNW. We picked up tape once in patchy scrub and from there on the track was very easy to follow with tape and fishing debris used to mark way. The track was pretty substantial. Follow this spur all the way to where it meets DB stream. Cross and then climb out of DB. The route continues In pretty much the same bearing towards the southern corner of Doughboy Bay (i.e. just north of pt 220m). I don't remember if it headed down to the beach via spur with 150m marked on it or the next one south - the travel was so easy we were not paying particular attention.
Wow thanks for the great info! From both of you! I will check this out over the next couple of days and plot a route or try to at least. Many thanks!
Great to hear from you, Matt. I've spent many a time admiring the routes you and Tristan have done. Yes, the site can be naughty. I've learnt to copy my posts before I attempt to send them off. I'm very keen to check out this track sometime soon if Frank's willing to go back to the Tin Range a third time.
@rbt2588. How are you getting down to Diprose Bay? Cheers.
We are sailing from Oban to Driprose Bay........first time on a yacht. I will post a proposed route based on the info provided next week to make sure I'm on the right page..... Thanks all for your help. It is much appreciated.
Well Honora, your trips into Fiordland were certainly part of the inspiration for our traverse from Manapouri to Milford.
@Matt: that would have been some mission. I must check out Tristan's blog to read about it.
You commented on it back in 2010 so I'm hoping you read it...
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Started by rbt2588
On 6 March 2014
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