Cycling to Tracks

Hello everyone! I'm going to be in New Zealand next month. My plan is to cycle around and stop at a few tracks and tramp around - perhaps for a few days, camping off of the track. I know New Zealand is a particularly friendly place, but would there be places near or at the start of these tracks that I might be able to lock up my bicycle? I'm planning to bring most everything else with my while I'm tramping and lock up the bicycle fairly well. If there's not a place sometimes, how does hiding it somewhere nearby sound as a good idea? Or, are these both a good way to lose my bicycle? Thanks for any help!
I guess you could probably leave it at your accomodation if your going to stay near by? Another idea is to hide it and use a chain- I got one with a code thing. so no need for key /paddlock
consider taking it 5-10 minutes down the track, then hide it in the bush 10-20m from the track and chain it to a tree. No one would find it hidden away, and even if they did the chain should keep it safe. Just do not lose it. If the truck starts in grassland then you would have to figure something out....
Thanks for the last few ideas! I'll be camping along the way on my trip while riding, so I won't have too many accommodations to keep the bike at. Hiding the bike seems like a good idea.
I have hidden bikes at tracks regularly. You just have to consider the probability of somebody finding it -- and thieves are more likely to go for cars. There is generally somewhere to hide a bike near the start of a track.

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