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Hi, I have the North Island Topo maps on computer, Memory Map and I'm looking to get the South Island too. Before I do I'm seeking opinions on the alternatives. I've been slightly disappointed with the Memory Map software:- - The maps seem well out of date, while there was a new version out a couple of months after I bought mine last year, the slight discount offered was not worthwhile as MM would not say which maps were updated and I wasn't bothered about the actual software improvements. - The quality between the individual sheets varies, with the actual shift between Topo maps being very obvious in colouring - it's as if they are good quality photocopies rather than produced from base data on PC. What are peoples opinions of the alternatives - MapToaster and Freshmap, the latter seem to have the advantage that the grid lines are available in the new NZTM co-ords (with the others if you want the new grids later this year, you'll need to buy their new map data again, and more dosh to lay out) though the detail does not seem as great with features - e.g. river names blocking out much of the detail (at least that's the way it appears on the web link are there any others? I've also got a new GPS Garmin 60csx and getting maps for this looks it's going to be a costly business too :-(
I use a 60CSX as well For GPS loadable maps I use Gary's topos Gary will send you a CD with the whole of NZ for $150. I havn't used the other products but the nice thing about gary's maps is that the tracks are in red so they are easy to see on the GPS For routable street maps there is the NZ Open GPS Project These maps are free and are updated virtually daily from user input.
>>e.g. river names blocking out much of >>the detail (at least that's the way >>it appears on the web link Well all text on maps must block out other detail - the text is important too. Perhaps the website examples show this rather badly. I am a keen back country tramper myself and I use my own maps all the time and I don't find this to be an issue or I would have fixed it long ago. Freshmap is produced and laid out by computer program and there is no doubt that this process will never be quite as good as a map laid out by a real person. However 'real person' maps are dead - the new NZTM series being created currently by LINZ will also be produced electronically. >>- it's as if they are good quality >>photocopies rather than produced from >>base data on PC. They are just that (except Freshmap) Cheers Doug Forster Freshmap developer
I'm still very uncertain what NZ maps to buy for my GPS. 1) Can anyone explain the difference, other than price, between the four options I can find: gtmaps, freshmap, maptoaster, and Top4GPS? 2) What if anything are the implications for any of the GPS mapping alternatives of the recent change to the NZTM coordinates? Bewildered, Peter Ellis
Memory Map have got the new map series available now. Which is probably just the old maps with a whole lot more huts and tracks removed!
Ellisp... You don't say what GPS unit you have. I have a Garmin 60CSX and the only one of those maps that I have used is GTmaps. But I suspect that all will be very similar because they will all be derived from the same LINZ data. The differences will be the amount of detail and maybe how different objects are depicted. A I said GTmaps have tracks in red which make them easier to see. As I am a tramper this is good for me. What you need to do to make a comparison is to have a look at the sample pictures that they all show. Also, if you wish, ask them if they will supply a sample tile of a small area that you can load onto your GPS and try. Another point is to check if the maps are supplied on a CD or an microSD card. Maps on a CD need to be installed into Mapsource and then loaded onto a GPS from there. This has the advantage that you can view the maps on the computer as well as the GPS. Also you can mix different mapsets and load them onto the GPS at the same time. However some products have unlock codes that restrict the number of GPS units you can send those maps to. Maps provided on a card just need to be plugged into the GPS but can only be viewed on the GPS. However you can unplug them and put them another GPS if you wish. I just make a point there that GTMaps has no unlock code so has the best of all worlds.
Also you ask about the implication of NZTM. This has no implications for the maps, only the GPS unit itself. You need to go in and change the Grid to "New Zealand TM" as opposed to "New Zealand" which is NZMG. But you only change it to match any paper topo maps that you are using. The older Etrex units do not have NZTM in them but it can be set up as a custom grid.
You'll all be very happy to know even Joanna Lumely carries a 60CSX when in the Arctic Circle.
I am not using a 60csx or any of the 60th series. I had it in my hand but did not realy liked the display. So I got me a oregon 300. I am well happy, it does everything I need and probably a little more that I cant do or need. I am not using GTmaps. I bought my maps before I knew about it. Now the oregon can show maps in 3D. does GTmaps have the data or does anyone know if that is coming sometime?
You have to remember that the Garmin map system is supposed to be propriatary, the third party maps that we use here are reverse engineered, which is just as well because Garmin havn't bothered to produce any topo maps of NZ yet. I think the issue is that Garmin have DEM (which is the name of the 3D technology) pretty well copyrighted. I see Brent up in Clevedon has been working on it. See I believe that you can load raster maps (ie bmp or jpg files) into these units for local areas. That would be wonderful, you could even load aerial photo this way. I can see that as memory gets cheaper GPS maps will probably go the raster way. That would make mapping a lot easier.
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