Visiting New Zealand – What to eat on the track?!!

Hi everyone!! This is my first post, although I’ve been a regular visit to the site. Me and my wife are visiting New Zealand in February/ March (we live in Portugal, in the exact opposite side of the world, a 35h journey!!!) We are doing the Routeburn, Abel Tasman, Tongariro Northern Circuit and Lake Waikaremoana tracks and we would like to ear from you all what we could eat while on the track!! We are new to tramping/ trekking. We have done some walking around but never stayed overnight on the track!!! I’ve already seen the other treads about food, but we were looking for advice about food we could buy in the local outdoors stores or supermarkets since we will not be able to dehydrate food ourselves. What brands do you recommend? Any recipes you’d suggest? Thank you all!
I make good use of San Remo or Continental brand pasta meals. They come in 4 serving or 6 serving packs. The 4 serving will feed one, the six serving will feed 2. To this I add a bit of salami, bacon, some vegis, whatever you fancy. You will find these in most supermarkets. They cook in about 10 mins. I wouldn't bother with the freeze dried meals you see in outdoor shops, they are expensive and the portions very small. I use Lees brand Cabin Bread for spreading for lunches. Cabin bread is a large cracker biscuit and I find the Lees brand is less likely to break than others. Though Vogels bread is a NZ favorite and is a good solid loaf to take tramping, you may prefer that.
Thank you pmcke!! I'll look for those! The only drawback is that I won't be able to try it before!! If I don´t like how they taste I'm in trouble!!!! PS - I have an "exquisite" taste :):):):)
Probably best not to take my advise then. I just tend to shovel lots of carbohydrates in my mouth at meal time. I am a bit of a luddite when it comes to taste. Might pay to spend a day or so here sampling the local cusine before committing to anything. One point though, don't be tempted to bring food with you into NZ. NZ is very strict on this and there are dogs at the airport trained to detect food and there are heavy fines for not declaring foodstuffs. You might also be interested in this review that I posted on this site a year or so ago
I'm spending 2 days in rotorua before I hit the tracks. I was thinking about trying the hangi but now I think I'm going to try some of those easy meals instead!! I have an addicional problem. My wife can´t eat oat or any kind of cereals so we still don´t know what she'll be eating at breakfast.

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Forum Visiting New Zealand
Started by malakias
On 24 October 2008
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