March Tenting (Queenstown -> West Coast)

Hi all, I realize this forum is just starting out but I've decided to post my vacation questions. My wife and I are visiting New Zealand in Feb/Mar from Canada and we're looking for some memorable camping/tenting. Our current plans have us spending a week in Christchurch, doing the Heaphy track with friends and spending a few days in Nelson/Wellington. We are left with 4-5 days to explore the South island and are considering renting a car in Queenstown, driving the west coast and eventually returning to Christchurch. We'd like to find some memorable day tramping / tenting along this route and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? We are experienced and fit backpackers but won't be bringing climbing/glacier gear this trip. Thanks, rhscdn
Try an overnight trip to the hot pools at Welcome Flat. There's camping space at the start of the track too. Punakaiki is a good spot to camp with lots of day walk options (Fox River for example). If you drive through Arthur's Pass, there are several good day trips such as Avalanche Peak and the Kelly Tops. If you drive into Milford Sound, then a day walk along the Routeburn to Key Summit would be worthwhile.
As Matthew said, Go for Welcome Flat!! As with just about anything in New Zealand.. try to fit your plan in with the current weather, and the predicted(Whatever that is?) weather. If you're interested in camping, perhaps try staying a night at Haast. It's pretty... remote, so to speak. You could also try spending a night at Makarora, and doing a little bit of the Wilkin-Young Valley circuit?
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Forum Visiting New Zealand
Started by rhscdn
On 15 January 2007
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