choosing an NZ hike with kids

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Thanks so much for all this input on choosing a hike to do with my to be 12 year old. Im leaning towards to Kepler at the moment but am an but concerned about the steep uphill sections. Are they super tough on the legs? I read the last day can be shortened and i think we might need to consider this with exhausted kiddos. Ive also been reading about the Paparoa track. Would this be a good option with kids or is the weather too unpredictable?
Depends a lot on the 12 year old. Ive seen some that could finish marathons and some that need a rest collecting the mail
Can shorten the last day, but that's an easy part of the trip. If going anti-clockwise, then you're going up from lakeside to Luxmore Hut with a full pack. Second day is continuous uphill slopes until you reach the steps toward the end of the 'Tops' section. Then it's a fairly rapid decent from the 'Tops' to the valley floor & Iris Burn Hut. It's a number of constructed stairways & steps & then a zig-zag winding track. Next day or 2 is just walking down the valley to Moturau & undulating lakeside depending which way you choose. First 2 days are a relative slog. I would say Routeburn or Milford are easier. Possibly better to start there ?. Even if you go Routeburn Falls Hut - Harris Saddle/Conical Hill, turn back to Routeburn Flats Hut - Back out to the car park you started from, as a 3-day 1/2 Routeburn trip ?. Paparoa is easy. Old Ghost Road is really good standard & bookable for certainty. Check out"insert place name". Very good long range weather forecast. Watch the trend for a few days as it's an educated guess, not a guarantee of some time in the future.
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Started by MumInBoots
On 4 January 2023
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