Hiking boots or other shoes? Also, leaky boots.

Hi all :) Thank you in advance for any wisdom. I would really like to hear thoughts from the experienced :) I actually have a few mini questions about 2 topics; high-cut hiking boots vs hiking/other shoes, and if leaky hiking boots are bad. I'm not particularly fit, but enjoy nature trails and just take it slow. I did manage to complete two Great Walks last year. I'm a short girl with very small feet and it's a constant struggle to find shoes at all, let alone tramping shoes; my current ones were a miraculous find, but no longer keep water out at all. If I buy new shoes, do you think it is worth investing in high-cut hiking boots? I have heard low-cut ones, or comfy sneakers can be better in terms of being more light and flexible. Is it unwise to go tramping with regular sneakers? If I keep my current shoes (Ahnu), is it dangerous that they leak? They were literal pools last year, but maybe it is ok as long as it isn't freezing weather? It appears there's a gap between the edge of the sole and shoe itself, which may be the leak, but can this be fixed? Mister Minit? Sorry there's so much text! I'm really excited for Pouakai Circuit we're doing in a few weeks. Hope everyone enjoys the trails too this season!! Thanks again :)
Great walks and high quality trails certainly sneakers or trail runners will do the job. Still get good quality and a good sole. You are not going to keep water out unless you avoid water. Thats no fun. However I would be looking closer at the gap as the desciption sounds like the shoe is failing. Might be time for replacement. You could try for a repair but often its not possible
Leaky boots is fine, they're going to be wet after your first river crossing anyway. Assuming you're not going out in super cold conditions. But falling apart footwear is not ok :-)
I gave up using heavy padded/insulated hiking boots unless I am tramping the tops. Better to get lightweight ones that can dry quicker. I used to carry a pair of sports sandals (had Tevas) that I can use for crossing a stream, walking a well formed track or use around the camp.
And speaking of drying, you don't dry your boots close enough to a fire that it would be too hot to hold your hand there. Otherwise you can trash the leather. Wish I'd know this when I destroyed my lovely scarpas back in the day.
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Started by jackiejapan
On 28 November 2021
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