Milford/Kepler huts: March temps

Hi, Having never used a Great Walk hut (always camped before), am now about to do so in March. I've no idea as to the caliber of these huts and if I should still be packing a 'shoulder' season bag or If I can rely on the huts being much better insulated and warmer than the average DOC hut. If so, I might be able to use a lighter bag and just layer up for a southerly if one blows through. I'd hate to be carrying a bag that's overkill but appreciate the unpredictability of the weather there. Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks, Chris
insulated huts but most of the bunk rooms are large with single glazing... one at iris burn might be double glazing but dont quote me. temps shouldnt be too cold, unless theres an early seasonal southerly blow through take a few degrees off for luxmore hut but its a few degrees warmer inside the hut. ive never needed a bag with more than 500gm of 800 loft down... can do one with 300gm down if its not particularly cold..
I have always been too warm in a Great Walks Hut with the hut full of people. Exception would be Routeburn Falls or Luxmore in the middle of winter with no one else there.
Lake Mackenzie Hut in mid-winter was the coldest hut (barn) I've ever stayed in - even with the fire full bore. Definitely a winter-bag night. Tent would have been far warmer.

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Started by graffias
On 4 March 2021
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