In other news the price of corks has gone down
Stuff well done great journalism. Removing toilets will be carnage (noun The killing of a large number of people) Why not tell the truth stuff eg DOC replacing toilets with a thunder box.
This hits the fan.
I wonder how many think covering with 2cm of sand is called burying? That place gets 1000s of visitors. 2cm of sand is called optimism from both sides Firstly that 2cm will do the job and secondly that 2cm will be used. I suppose though that if the old loos are in a place where the cliff might fall on them they had to do something
It's just a headline, which puts a word in quotes, and I sort of want to ask is it really that bad? A couple of decades back this article would've appeared in a dead tree newspaper. Someone reading it would have scanned the page. If the headline caught their eye they'd probably read at least the first few paragraphs. The first 4 paragraphs clearly state what DOC is doing and why, everything after enhances that, and eventually someone interviewed uses the word 'carnage'. I guess a big difference today is that headlines are everything for so many people because so many people don't see anything except the headline that's typically been written to draw attention. These days media's starved for cash because nobody pays for news any more - they just expect perfect news for free, and if they don't get it they blame media for not telling "correct" facts like their silo'd group tells them, or for sensationalising news with headlines which they rarely read beyond. Trademe and then Facebook also almost completely took away the classified ad market, so journalism gets nothing from anyone if it can't convince someone to click a link and get to their website. Then (if you're in social media as multitudes of people are) you see excessive reaction and opinion from others, and *then* if you go to the extra effort of clicking something to leave the familiarity of the portal you're looking through, probably after you've already formed an opinion, you'll get an opportunity to see some content. In that sense the headline matters, but so much of it is because of how we choose to consume and judge journalistic content in modern times, frequently without even looking at the original content before somehow being told what to think about it by other people who also probably haven't looked at it. It's no wonder Stuff got off Facebook.
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Forum The campfire
Started by geeves
On 21 August 2020
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