Hiring out your gear.

I saw an ad on facebook yesterday for https://www.flack.co.nz You can hire out your gear and other stuff. Was just wondering if anyone has tried it? Thought it could be good to get some money back on my equipment.
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Tragedy of the commons anyone? I like others am very reluctant to lend gear out, even had problems when sharing my tent on a trip with cooking too close to fly, crampons in tent etc. It's not worth lending gear out and losing friends over it. That said it does seem a great waste having lots of gear and only using it once a month or a few times a year.
i should say he dented the crap out of the bottle , it was still usable but looked well worn
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thats the worst part when they wreck your gear they just give it back and walk away and take no responsibiity when they should be replacing it... ah but you're a friend... so it doesnt matter. you should just accept it as part of the deal of friendship.
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Forum Gear talk
Started by smithyt
On 6 June 2020
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