Google to map remote NZ trail

Maybe everyone in NZ was over qualified? Not sure I like the direction google and society are heading with this technology (is nothing sacred!). On the bright side, it may reduce the number of tourists on great walks in the future if they can be experience from your living room with a VR headset while you eat a tub of ice cream. (apologies, its a 'glass half empty' kind of day today)
Seems to me that everybody has a different opinion as to what 'remote' is.
Considering the original streetview stopped at the same place the tar seal did they are getting better. The long term aim is to be able to put the pin anywhere on the map and streetview will have the picture. (not sure how they will get your back garden but rest assured they want to)
What is the remote NZ trail? Te Araroa?
All I could find out about the competition is here: "You could be trekking where no one’s gone before. We’re giving a select few adventurers the chance to map an iconic world trail with Street View on Google Maps, in a global first. These all-expenses-paid expeditions are equipped by Kathmandu and include international flights, accommodation and training." I have no idea by what is meant by "iconic world trail" as all existing Great Walks (Milford, Kepler, Abel Tasman, Waikaremoana, Heaphy, Routeburn and Rakiura) except the Whanganui are already on Google Street View. Perhaps the Pike29 or Hump Ridge are next?
An iconic world trail where nobody's gone before?
The bush. The final frontier. These are the idiots who responded to Kathmandu. Their continuing mission: To seek out unknown iconic world trails. To be annoying as hell. To boldly go where no one has trekked before!
Give them a big ladder so they can trek to the Sea Of Tranquility

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Started by Moh_Oz
On 8 March 2020
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