Holdsworth Trail Race

Hi, Iā€™m planning to take a group of novice trampers up to Powell Hut on 25 January 2020, however I have just found out that the Holdsworth Circuit Trail Race will be on that same day. Has anyone ever experienced tramping while there is a trail race on? Would you recommend we stick to our plans or find a different route/track? We have already booked this trip, DOC said we should be fine, but would love to know what the more experienced trampers out there would make of this? Thanks in Advance! šŸ˜Š
ideally try and avoid starting walking before the race start at 8am, and start the climb either before 9 or start after 9 to avoid the second race you'll get runners going past the other way sporadically, the tracks wide enough for it not to be a problem if you're walking indian file and keeping a lookout for runners
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Looking at this years results, there were only about 10 runners that finished after 5 hours, but there was a very steady stream of runners between 3-5 hours (approx. 100). The start time of the race in the Jumbo-Holdsworth direction is 8 am. So I'd start the climb up to Powell hut after 1pm, and I'd wouldn't be tempted to start any earlier to avoid having to move aside at least once every minute. 4-5 hours walking time (normally 2-3 hrs but it all depends on the group) means an arrival time at the hut of 5-6pm, perfect for chilling out on the deck for "rehydration" and recovery hors d'oeuvres!
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On 17 December 2019
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