Woolshed Creek Hut during school holidays

Is anyone able to give me an idea how busy Woolshed Creek Hut at Mt Somers tends to be during the July school holidays (Sunday night or a weekday)? I know it is usually packed during summer. Considering taking our two year old and five year old if the weather plays along - are we likely to get mattresses? If the two year old cries in the night will we be waking 20+ others?
I guess you'd be OK during the week especially if you got there early. I have been there in the middle of winter in a weekend and the bunks were full with people (including us) camping outside. Good luck with the trip.
Hey Chris, To answer your 3 questions: Pretty busy,esp school holiday weekends See above,unlikely Yes During the week would be a better option,its a cracker during winter.thing is a lot of people have the same idea but you can also figure out by how many cars in the car park a rough idea of numbers before you. Good on ya for including your young kids btw,good luck
Ditto the comments above.Especially busy after snow events,like a magnet! To make it easier on the ankle-biters,when you get out of the bush at the Blackburn Mine,carry on along the track at the bush edge.In 30 minutes or so ,you`ll come across a disused stile & a gap in the fence.The normal track goes straight ahead.To save time,and effort for the Sherpas,veer left along a well used shortcut(this is a no bullshit shortcut),300m to a 4WD track.Go right and it`s easy peasy to WoolshedCreek Hut.If you`re on f/book,the Mt Somers Walkway have a group page, " Mt.Somers Walkway " .On the page,go photos,then albums for photos & track descriptions to other places of interest.Go for it!
I did that circuit in a July and there was no one at Woolshed Creek hut at all. It was fantastic - but I must have missed the school holidays. Raved about the loop to my GF and we both went there, possibly in December.....Woolshed hut was packed and that included someone who bought not one, but two one-year olds, who took turns crying thru the night. My GF hated me forever after that. That hut is soo accessible that it does get packed.
There's always the rock biv at Morgan Stream but that's pretty popular too! Frank and I stayed there once when it snowed in the morning. We tried out a fire trench techique there: we dug a trench 8 inches deep, burned a fire in it for 2 hours and then covered it with 4 inches of the excavated dirt. Frank slept on it without a sleeping bag. So there will be charcoal in the pit, if it's ever exhumed. It was nice sitting on the warm dirt in the morning.
Thanks for all the replies :-) Will definitely check out the FB page, we were planning to take the 4WD track after the mine but a description of where to find it is helpful. I think the nearly 3yo should be able to behave herself at night now and at least she is old enough to understand bribery! We've been there at least 3 times before, once we stayed in the old hut with Trampers on one side and Musterers on the other. One day trip. And spent the night there for my Hens Do ten years ago. Will be cool if we can get back with the kids.
The wee foot track starts just after you cross the stile (if the stile is still there). It travels on the northeastern side of a fence that runs northwest/southeast. This fenceline goes to a rain gauge but the track veers off towards a low, flat section of the 4WD track (the Burma Rd). The fence is marked on the map and is about 1km, as the crow flies,from the mine entrance. Frank and I have been using this for years long since before there was any sign of a foot trail. It's a good shortcut alright.
Kids sick these holidays :-( but we will try for a Sunday in August and bunk school on the Monday :-) Thanks for the info everyone
Made it last Friday and had an awesome trip with our 5yo and now 3yo. Weather was PERFECT. Thanks for all the advice, found the shortcut no problems :-) Three others in the hut

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Started by chris1
On 30 June 2019
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