Resupplying around Kahurangi

Hi I’m planning a trip in Kahurangi Forest, my experience is mostly hunting trips around Opotiki where I live so I’m basically a complete beginner in real tramping. I’m starting with the Heaphy Track then resupplying in Karamea then walking Wangapeka, at the end in Rolling Junction the closet store is four square in Tapawera but I’m struggling to workout transport there, I’ve only seen the Tapawera settle curtesy shuttle but that’s through an accomodation package, does anyone know of another way to get there and back on the day? Once back at rolling junction I plan to go back along the wangapeka till it meets up with the Leslie-Karamea walking north where I will then need transport from flora car park to Motueka This is a very early plan so it will probably change when I find either a better way to do things or come to the realisation I’m in over my head. Any help would be appropriated, thanks
I had the same problem finding any transport info for the end of Wangapeka track to Motueka. I gave up looking so I’m just gonna walk the 30km and stay at a backpackers, get some gas and food the next day and walk back. Don’t think can get there and back on the day.
You could go at a popular time of year and get lucky with a hitch maybe? I went in after xmas one year and scored a ride with 2 German fishermen from Tadmore to Rolling Junction. Never saw a soul after that until I walked to Te Namu at the other end.
Sorry, but I've only done it with a night at Tapawera, unless I self-drove. Sometimes Settle transport. Sometimes car shuttle within the group. Real bed, hot shower. You can post to Settle rather than rely on the 4Square, tho that's not too bad in a pinch. It's difficult getting transport to Tapawera itself, let alone the track head. Facebook or contact local tramping club to catch a ride out of Flora ?. There's usually cars there. Edit: Nelson Lakes Transport offers regional shuttle. Trek Express offer shuttle or car relocation.
I did a trip in Kahurangi Feb this year. The handful of trampers I met coming up from Karamea and heading for Flora were carrying supplies for their entire tramp. Not sure if this is an option for you? I passed through Rolling junction on a beautiful summer weekend, and saw no one until I arrived at Courthouse Flats (which only had 2 cars). So I would have to agree with Honora that there would be some luck involved in grabbing a hitch. Flora on the other hand was very busy, especially with day trippers heading up Mt Arthur. Cheers Moh

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Started by DustinM
On 13 June 2019
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