Another missing tramper in Tararuas

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>Several search teams were still in the mountains looking in areas north of Myers' last known location, toward the headwaters of the Ruamahanga. Not sure how they conclude he got over to the Ruamahanga, and north of its head waters at that. I had assumed they would work down towards the Waingawa. Surely they have checked Arete Forks and Cow Creek by now.
"Arete Forks is extremely dangerous in a flood. It rises very rapidly and becomes utterly impassable. " Ive come down that route, @philipW in rain. creek was ok in the head, but with 30 minutes, past 1st major sidestream, it was a muddy torrent, could only travel above the river on true right all the way down. Like a lot of creeks off the tops, they can all catch you out The foot prints led south , from the Arete bivvy direction. arete stream seems likely , IMO. waiohine pinnacles is bad enough on a good day. for me.
If that's what they're doing then I suppose they're considering the possibility that he might have turned back but missed Arete Biv. If he continued ENE somehow and ended up in the Ruamahanga catchment between .1437 and .1466, and perhaps accidentally down one of those spurs. Keeping in mind he mightn't have been thinking rationally at the time, depending on conditions. What's the flood situation in the Waingawa right now? Maybe they're focusing elsewhere if it's just hard to get down beyond a certain point at present for reasons others have already mentioned.
waingawa was ok this morning, but looks like rain a lot of today, wouldn't be surprised if head creeks are up a lot
Its interesting that one article I read DOES assume that the choc bar wrapper had blown to the spot where it was found. So how that indicate a potential spot for where he may have been after eating it, I dont really know.
could be blown from the ridge top, @si-dog. or was dropped down in arete stream area so I guess all options got to be checked. arete stream was always a candidate, as its a logical place to exit(or escape) the tops in extreme weather (to shelter) theres also potential to loose the tops route and endup over the side. few parties have done similar. by choice and accident
another case of the swiss cheese model. several bad choices and mistakes led to a serious incident.... do they need warning signs in the tararuas.. its so much more dangerous in bad weather or snow.... around 60 people have died in the tararuas... that would be one of the highest for a sub alpine area in nz.. esp given the size of the park..
somehow the message has to get across, @Waynowski I don't think signage on tracks, routes is the answer. DOC does too much of that already. Theres even safety tape alone a steep-ish bit below Powell in the bush. The bit of "track" isn't formed, and has been there for ever, never been an issue that I know of. info in huts could be more explicit, to the point. and promotion thru media, magazines etc perhaps. etc etc Messages about safety in the tops, rivers etc, would have to be more useful that the Hut Fire Evacuation Notices DOC install. The risk of death is very real. that needs to sink in. nearly all such incidents, are due to poor decision making, as far as I can see. @paulevens all the valleys, waignawa, upper waiohine have been checked. especially around arete forks Tarn Ridge, and head of waiohine. the possibility of Darren Myers turning back is an option, also. Its easy to miss the Arete bivvy, and end up on the Dundas ridge or in the Ruamahanga headwaters. I did it in cloud, when going to Dundas from Old bivvy site once. stuffed it up by sidling too low.
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A sad outcome for the family. A massive thanks for the huge effort goes to all involved in the search. Hopefully in due course we find out what happened. Edit: came across this story about what the head waters of Arete creek is like to travel:
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