Te Araroa 200km section

Heya - was hoping someone on here in the know could suggest a 200 km section of Te Araroa in the North Island that would be (relatively) easy to follow. I'm struggling to find the information I'm looking for online so perhaps someone here could suggestion something from experience? Perhaps near Ruapehu, or just south of Auckland? Any suggestions welcome. Cheers.
Hi, Isnt all the info you need here?: https://www.teararoa.org.nz/downloads/ I see plenty of TA walkers in the tararuas follwing these instructions/route guides on their phones. Or are you after more detail than what may be detailed there?
Si-dog, I can't seem to download those trail notes, wondering if it's my machine or the link is busted, the maps load however
I’d like to do the section from Whangarei heads north to Russell one day. Have done plenty of overnight trips in the middle part here.

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Started by jmeyer
On 17 April 2019
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