Coromandel Pinnacles

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Hi there, Probably silly questions - but it's been many years since I've been tramping in NZ. With the Pinnacles hut - do we need to bring our own toilet paper? (wasn't sure if this is supplied with the toilets up there?) Is the water in the hut safe for drinking without first boiling/sterilising etc? And one last question (for now)- re breakfasts - most people talk about having cereal/porridge - but what do you put on it? For such a short tramp, I guess you could take a small amount of normal milk (not super hot at the moment - so would prob keep til morning?). Not thrilled about taste of milk powder. Family talking about toasting bread in pan - (yes, aware that have to take a spread). Thanks for reading (and for being patient with beginners!)
You could send DoC an e-mail asking about toilet paper provided. They don't bite :) But DoC won't tell you it's okay to drink unboiled hut water. Puts them on the spot if someone should fall ill. It probably is, but why not give it a rolling boil for a minute to be on the safe side. You don't have to make porridge with milk. Water is okay. I use whole milk powder. If you want to carry liquid milk ?. Up to you. No law against it. Dry fruit, sultanas, cocoa powder, milo, brown sugar - anything you're prepared to carry can add a bit of flavour. That's what it comes down to. What are you prepared to carry ?. What are you prepared to cut down on to save weight & volume in your pack ?. There are toasting frames you can position around a flame burner. Again, depends on how much stuff you want to carry and how much gas you want to use. Gauze toasters are probably more efficient than plate-based ones. Fried bread might kill 2 birds with one stone ?. Or go BBQ with a fork/stick ?. Flat bread or a packet of pita bread pockets might be more convenient.
heat treated milk in small cartons last as long as the carton isnt open. Or a tube of condensed milk...
Thanks to you both! Great, helpful advice!
"You don't have to make porridge with milk. Water is okay. I use whole milk powder. If you want to carry liquid milk ?. Up to you. No law against it." Actually for Scotsmen there is a law about this. Nought but water and salt. Luckily Im not scotish so normally mix milk powder and sugar into the dry mix then add boiling water. Then more sugar on top. The sugar on top gets you to the top of the first hill by which time all that lovely protein is digesting for the remainder of the trip. At home porridge gets fruit etc but in the bush its not required.
Meh!. I figured Wakame (seaweed) Miso Soup or black coffee with a coconut oil/unslated butter blend was a little off topic.
Dried (but soaked) bananas are a nice addition to porridge. Coconut milk powder is good too if you don't like whole milk powder.
Always carry toilet paper, although in this case it might not be needed. But you never want to be caught short...
Protein powder is a great milk substitute for porridge. One table spoon per packet of instant porridge packet is delicious. Toilet paper minus the roll is minimal weight and space in a pack.
Pinnacles Hut water source is a spring, not rainwater, so it’s less likely to be safe than the standard rainwater supply. During droughts they pump it up from a much lower source, so more risk with that as well.
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