What is a pack track?

I keep seeing this term in route guides, is it different from your usual track? What makes it so? Thanks
Pack tracks are old pack-horse tracks. Bridle tracks as poms would say. So they will originally have been benched (track platform cut flat into the slope), wide enough for horse plus load and gradients gentle enough for horses carrying loads - often with switchbacks on steep sections. Except that many will have been maintained only as tramping tracks for the last 40 years or so and as such are likely to have deteriorated from this standard.
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Oh interesting, good to know. Thanks for the informative response.
Don`t know your locale but if you`re ever walking the section of the Te Araroa between the Rakaia River & Comyns Hut,there is an old pack track up the side of the valley 50m or so,on the true left,beside Turtons Stream,down from the A_Frame Hut.If you are on the other side of the valley,it is quite noticeable.I don`t know why DOC didn`t use it but I walk it most times in there,still in reasonable knick but punched out in places because of cattle,in the past.The musterers on the original much larger Double Hill Station would have a packy go in with supplies(tucker,firewood,blankets etc) to prepare for up to 8 musterers.No 4 wheelers or choppers back then!A tangible reminder of our past.I understand they`re never steeper than 4 degrees,as mentioned earlier,to allow a laden packhorse to handle it.The Old Ghost Road track,for MTBs & trampers,is a similar grade,to cater for phsyopathic cyclists.No offence.
Oh yes, noticed that pack track and use it nowadays. It is now pretty narrow. I recall it comes out at a wide scree-filled stream and has a cairn marking the start of it here if going up-valley.
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Slightly off the subject.I have oft quoted a story about Braden Currie taking his new bride with MTBs from Comyns Hut through to Cookies Point & out to the road at Double Hill Road.I got it wrong;it was Bradens` brother Glen & his wife Bron.Glen took over running the Coast to Coast this year.Having tramped that route & thinking we did well,we were sandboys compared with riding most of it!

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