Pinnacles Hut in April

Hi there, Just considering doing the Pinnacles walk and staying overnight during the upcoming holidays with our 15 year olds. Thinking about doing it as an overnight and then carrying on to stay a few days somewhere else on the Coromandel. So my question is regarding parking and safety. We will have other belongings in our car for the rest of the "holiday", so is the carpark safe to leave it in? (I realise that anywhere can be broken into - but just wanting other's experiences). And prob a stupid question (but I am a newbie tramper), so although plb are great - do we really need one for this particular tramp? I realise there is no cellphone coverage. Cheers
Not sure about this particular area, but you can always rent a PLB for a short-term tramp
Nice Family friendly area with good DOC supervision obvious. Your car should be fine i have never had a brake in but of course you can never say never. While i would always carry a PLB this area with such an established track (highway) you should be OK without.
I've parked at the road end three times in the last few months and never had a problem or seen any evidence of a break in (broken glass), the DOC office told me that haven't had any reported break-in's in years. I think it's relatively safe as far as it can be parking on a deserted gravel road. I think people tend to underestimate the amount of climbing on this track, I generally get to the hut in about 1:45, and I would say 60-75 mins of that is climbing, it's not very far, only about 6km but it's alot of climbing. However the track is very easy to follow and footing is decent the whole way. I would give yourself 2.5 hours to reach the turnoff to the hut. There is good Vodafone coverage when you reach the top of the ridge, about 15 mins walk from the hut, 3-4 bars, I routinely call my partner and say goodnight to the kids when I'm up there. At the hut there is no coverage however. The shower is closed right now due to very low water levels, but if the rain starts up it will re-open, it's a cool spot but heaps of people, Monday nights are the best (least busy) in my experience.
Many thanks for all your comments!

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Started by 4Tuataras
On 11 March 2019
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