Kaniwhaniwha free DOC site: newbie questions

Hi, I'm new to any kind of hiking/camping but I am planning a 2-week solo trip to the free DOC Kaniwhaniwha campsite in the Pirongia Forest Park. I have a few questions and any help would really be appreciated. On the DOC site, it says in the rules to only camp in designated camp areas so am I not able to camp almost anywhere away from paths in the whole Pirongia Forest Park? I'm wanting to camp near the site but was hoping to camp in the forest and not on a field. Another question is how do I get there? I'm in Auckland so I'm planning on taking a bus to Hamilton then walking to the campsite but there's no footpath along the 20km roads, I've never really walked on roads without a footpath so is it normal to walk along those roads? and is it safe? Thanks
You can camp anywhere in NZ, except where it is forbidden. So if DOC says you can't, you can't. Given the terrain, it's unlikely you'll find many good spots. Very steep all the time. But as far as I know, DOC does not forbid you camping anywhere there. So actually can. Do you have a DOC link/statement it says you can't?
I looked all over their site and couldn't find it, I must have read it on a different site. Thanks for clearing that up I've been confused about that for a while. Also, it doesn't say whether or not fires are permitted there, do you know if a small wood/twig stove counts, if fires are not permitted?
""Fires are not permitted in reserves and high risk sites in Pirongia Forest Park. Campers, picnickers and hut users are encouraged to carry portable gas stoves. Pahautea Hut (see p24) has no fireplace and fires are not permitted. There is a fireplace at the Kaniwhaniwha Campsite where fires are permitted (bring your own firewood)."" https://www.doc.govt.nz/globalassets/documents/parks-and-recreation/places-to-visit/waikato/pirongiabrochure.pdf Try sending your questions to the DoC office. waikato@doc.govt.nz
20km is a decent road walk. Road walking can be quite tiring its almost worth carrying some light sneakers just for this part of the journey then put the real boots on in the bush. Walk on the right side of the road but cross a safe distance from corners so you are on the outside and keep listening for traffic. I like to stop and face traffic so they can see I know they are there and if they are giving me enough room. Woodstoves are still fires. Get a real stove. The cheap hardware store ones work well enough
I was tossing up if I needed my running shoes or not but will definitely take them now for the road walk. I got an email back from DOC, in case anyone wants to know they said " the use of a small twig burner cooker is fine, just remember we are experiencing some very hot temperatures and things are getting dry. Before you lit any cooker/burner always check what’s around, as in vegetation, wind conditions and water supply" That's good news as I would rather use a wood stove but will buy a cheap gas stove to have on me just in case. Thanks guys

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Started by Dize
On 13 February 2019
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