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What's for you the best size of gas canister to take on a 6 days tramp? I will definitely use my stove once in the morning and once at night... Morning definitely just for boiling water for my coffee and/or tea Night time I'll definitely will use for making some pasta or I will use for at least 5/10 minutes. I already excluded the small one... You think medium or big?
take 2 of the 400g ones
wow..I thought that one would've be enough..
hahah, 2 x 400 grams? Are you having a tea every hour? For a 6 day tramp me and my wife can do with a standard 230 gram. Get a 80% butane / 20% propane. I'm hearing good things about the MSR ones, they last even longer they say, but are a bit more pricey. In case people claim we're not using it, here's what we boil: Morning: 3 x 600ml (coffee + oats). Afternoon: 1 x 600ml tea Dinner: 2 x 600 ml (dinner + chocolate). We use a soto amicus stove and have a small 600 ml kettle to boil water. We may not always bring water to a fuel boil though, and definitely are not boiling it for 1 minute as we either have filtered water or are not concerned about bacteria or viruses.
that's great to hear @berend I actually saw the size of the 400 gr and they look like atomic bombs...definitely too heavy and get a lot of space... I use a msr pocket rocket 2 so I might want to get the same gas canister if I find them in Wanaka. 230 gr sounds definitely better for me...I might get a small one of 130 gr just to be sure...but that's it.
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Got digital kitchen scales ?. Weigh the can, do a boil-up of a measured 500ml (or whatever), weigh the can. Now you have a figure for gas used per boil-up. Might need an extra gram of gas for cold stream water ?. Go through your menu for the trip and see how many boil-ups required. Do the multiplication to figure out your minimum gas requirement. If you take the plastic cap off a new can & weigh the can, you might find a 230g gas can weighs 377g all up ?. Now you know a canister weighs 147g. Write that on the underside in black marker pen. Now you can weigh the canister before each trip and figure how much gas is in there. Long story short, I budget on 8g of gas per boil-up (with a particular set-up) and make sure I have more than minimum for that trip. Any use of a stove-top is a plus. edit: You don't need to get it down to the last gram. But it gives you a number for guidance.
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Thanks for the numbers @pro-active Flaying from overseas it's hard to try because I wont buy it here but I will get the gas in NZ once I arrive. Following Berend advice I should be sweet I suppose.
Yah. Nothing personal, but 2x400g is a lotta gas for 6 nights. Berend's cooking for 2 and manages on less. Depends a bit on your style. If you're going to be simmering real food for 10min that's a bit more gas than simply reaching boiling point and adding to dehy. Take something with a metal bottom so you can take advantage of a stove, even if it's just to take the chill off ?. I seriously recommend doing a trial meal at home so you can weigh and get a figure for gas use, otherwise you're just guessing. I know you can't carry gas cans on flights, but even if you weigh the can before and after a trip, divide by the number of nights, you get a rough idea of use per night away. You might find Torpedo7 has the cheapest NZ gas ?. Not unusual for it to be in a bargain bin when you go looking. Their rapid boil system, which will hold a 230g canister, is on 30% discount at the moment ($NZ87.49). So are the Sea to Summit collapsable cookware etc.
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Point taken I dont often cook for one so had over estimated
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I would take 2 x 210 g as one won’t quite be enough and I like the small ones as they fit inside the jetboil, Two of us took just 2 x 210 g for 5 nights and we went through the first one well before 1/2 way. Better to give away a half full one at the end than have to ration coffees! Good advice about the weighing and calculating though. Oh and don’t leave one behind at a shelter like we did on the Routeburn, it definitely makes you much less popular with your buddy.
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