Tracks that don't require boots in Wlg region

Hi everyone, I've recently had an injury that means I can't wear boots. Are there any recommendations for tracks in the Wellington region I could do in running shoes? So far I've done Belmont Trig and Cannon Point walks.
IMO you can use running shoes on basically all tracks there. Just try out. The only issue might be that the sole might be too thin to do it very comfortably (certain Tararua tracks come to mind).
Orongaonga track otherwise known as 5 mile track from the Catchpool to Orongaonga river is one of the best. Ive done it in jandles. Mount Clime is a 4wd road so no boots. Skyline track and Northern walkway between Johnsonville and Karori Also consider the Mount Kaukau loop track Southern Walkway Red Rocks is best done in sports shoes as its mostly soft beach. (this will strengthen ankles Smiths Creek in dry weather Orongaonga coast
There's also some nice tracks in the East Harbour Regional Park - multiple entry sites on the Eastbourne side or from Waiumuiomata. Cheers
Here are some Wellington is that I posted in a Facebook comment a few weeks ago (edited here). The original question was about ideas accessible with public transport but I reckon regular running shoes would be adequate for any of these under normal circumstances. === The Paekakariki Escarpment is great. If you're reasonably fit it won't take all day. Recently I walked out within a couple of hours. There are lots of options. Eg. Catch a bus to Karori Park, walk up to Makara Peak (optional) then along the Skyline Walkway to Mt Kaukau which. On a reasonably clear day you can look over to the Marlborough Sounds. From Kaukau you could walk down to Johnsonville for a train. Or if you're going really well (you'll need to be fit and maybe have had an early start), follow the Te Araroa trail road walk to Spicer Forest, up to Colonial Knob, and down to Porirua for a train. If you go to the Zealandia entrance, you can walk around the fence, past the wind turbine and into Te Kopahau Reserve, which is the hills overlooking the South Coast. From there you can walk down to Red Rocks, around the coast and to a bus from somewhere like Island Bay. If you want to remain near the airport, you could catch a bus to Seatoun, then follow the Eastern Walkway around the hills along the coast, coming down somewhere (I forget where) and generally ending up at the airport. It mightn't take all day at a guess but that also depends on a lot of things. A further public transport idea could be Belmont Regional Park. You could have a train station on each end (Petone and Manor Park) and walk between them. There are lots of options in there to extend where you go if going direct gets you the earlier than you want. Just make sure they're not running replacement buses in the weekend because the replacement bus connection to Manor Park is messy. If you want to check out Rimutaka Forest Park, you could catch a bus to Wainuiomata and walk in from there, or start from the Catchpool Valley carpark. Many of the front tracks are okay with more generic specialist footwear. Catching the ferry from Wellington to Days Bay will get you towards East Harbour Regional Park, which has lots of tracks up to and along the ridge. Or alternatively walk down the coast on the east side of the harbour to the Pencarrow lighthouses, and around to the lakes. It takes a bit of time to walk there or walk back. Sometimes there's a business open at the carpark renting out mountain bikes (might require booking), but I'd Google it and calk ahead before adding it's open. Those are some thoughts to get you started. Enjoy.
Thanks everyone!
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Started by DebK909
On 4 January 2019
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