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Hi folks. Recently acquired a 58litre pack & looks like not enough space for a multi night outing in the kaimais. Probably my inexperience but just seems like too much bulk to get it all in. Im wondering about also carrying a handheld duffle bag in one hand, I often end up carrying something under my arm so... If anything just curious if this is considered an option among the seasoned trampers. Cheers. Happy new year.
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My 56L Osprey Exos will do a 7 day trip so it's the expensive lightweight gear that makes this possible plus the commercial dehydrated dinners and taking lots of fat instead of so much starch. Good advice from everyone and quite consistent messaging there. It's interesting what people think is necessary for tramping e.g. my partner only takes a kiwifruit spork thingy - no knife is ever required.
What about some front pockets to go with the existing pack if your current gear is too bulky? You could also ditch the car windscreen reflector shield thing as you shouldn't need it in the Kaimais on a summer trip as the mat will be sufficient.
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Started by NewGuy
On 31 December 2018
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