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Hi folks. Recently acquired a 58litre pack & looks like not enough space for a multi night outing in the kaimais. Probably my inexperience but just seems like too much bulk to get it all in. Im wondering about also carrying a handheld duffle bag in one hand, I often end up carrying something under my arm so... If anything just curious if this is considered an option among the seasoned trampers. Cheers. Happy new year.
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Hi @newguy I found my self in your same position. If you look back in the old thread you might find what I'm talking about it. I will follow waynowsky advise....if you can go back to the store,get a refund and get a bigger backpack. I bought mine just last week for the same reason...50/55 lt pack just not enough for a long hike(at least for my needs). G.
The gear list & weight are. 9KG Total. .Sleeping clothes: socks-thin trousers(under layer)-trackpants-Tshirt-long sleeve shirt-jumper-beanie-scarf. (1.8KG) .Wet weather: nylon jacket - nylon/pvc trousers.(800GRAMS) .Hammock+tarp+setup accessories (2.6KG) + Foam mat & car windscreen reflector. "For insulation"(400G) .Sleepbag "a cheap kids one(bit of a gimmick)(700G) .Cook gear:pot-screw on cooker+gas-cup&bowl..(1KG) .Hygiene things:(600G) .Water filter-2xheadlamps-compass-small gib cutting saw-drybag roll up type(hang it off the pack perhaps) (1.2KG) Too much info but there you have it. Water&food not included, not sure what to do about food, Ive bought nuts-bars-other snacks-a couple backcountry cuisine things(mince - rice) Was thinking of buying those 3min rice bags, really dont know about food, any advice on that would be much appreciated. . The pack was bought online from Australia. Whats listed above seem like the basics Id need to take + maybe something extra for night warmth. As mentioned in the advice so far ill try compress things & put an extra something on top of the pack & hang things off it. Have a photo but dont know how to upload it on.
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bernieq: "The pack's specified load range is 10-18 k" That means not much. Cheaper gear is bulky, so you need a bigger pack. NewGuy: 65 litres at minimum. Your gear should fit comfortably inside. If not, you overload your pack which makes it uncomfortable to wear. As soon as you have very expensive gear, which weighs nothing and packs to nothing you can go down to smaller packs. And the difference between a 3 day tramp or a 6 day tramp is only a bit of food, most of the bulk is fixed.
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NewGuy, reading your list seems all pretty bulky stuff. More expensive gear would weigh half of that. So you have more bulk, and need a bigger pack. But I suggest you look if you can put the Foam mat & car windscreen reflector outside as suggested. I.e. on the sides. Just open up the compression straps, and try to fit it in there.
The kids sleeping bag should be biffed and replaced. They almost never make them in decent heat ranges and unless you are a short person its only going to cover you up to the waist at best. For summer even the cheap bags from the warehouse will give better insulation with similar weight and bulk. Still put this in a compression sack though. The closed foam mat will be insulation enough people sleep in snow caves on these things no issue. I know its frowned against but enough people still carry these on the outside of the pack. They wont affect the dynamics of the pack but leave the windscreen in the car. I should query a couple of clothing items. Cotton is considered very bad. It can freeze you very quickly if it gets wet. Only use wool merino polyester polypropylene or nylon. Also when you say nylon coat the image in my head is one of those cheap shower proof (sort of) coats. If this is what you mean you need better. If the lable doesnt say waterproof/10000mm or more then it will not keep you dry if it rains all day. If its warm this is a miserable way to tramp, If its cold your dead.
I think the trip was in the Kaimai's geeves, it'll be just miserable :-)
Synthetic fill sleeping bags are way bulkier than down bags for the weight. Track pants are bulky and no good if they have cotton in them. Tights are way better.
I use a synthetic bag in summer with a 0 rating. It is bigger and heavier than my down winter bag but not much. I have a 70l pack so its no issue. Summer weight gear the difference is not enough to justify the extra cost for someone starting out. Of course if they were going alpine or winter the advice would change.
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So a solo 3 days/2 nights in the kaimais? Summer? Winter? I don't have any experience in this area but do a bit of tramping in the Tararuas. I'll make some comments on your gear assuming a summer trip. Sleeping clothes - You shouldn't both trousers and track pants, and both a tshirt and long sleeve for sleeping. I've never seen someone tramping with a scarf. Get a neck gaiter/buff. Is your jumper fleece? Could probably save weight and space with a down jacket/puffy. I've also never seen someone tramping in NZ with a hammock. Sounds heavy though. You could get a one person tent for less than 1.5kg. Or you could just camp under a tarp. You'll have to strap the foam pad to the outside of your pack. You need a proper sleeping bag, especially if you're worried about being cold at night. Rain pants - I only take rain pants with me if I know I'm going to be doing a lot of tops travel (and I know it's going to be cold) or travel in snow. Hygiene things - 600grams seems like a lot. Do you need two headlamps? Do you need a saw? 1.2kg for these items sounds like a lot for the gear you've listed in this line. On my last trip (3 nights/4 days) I was lazy and took back country meals with me. Like you I took a small (110g) gas canister and screw on stove. My cooking gear was just one 700ml pot with handle and spoon. For dinner my pot would fit enough water for the dehydrated meal and for a drink. I would pour the water into the meal pouch and then add coffee powder to the pot and drink out of that.
So, lots of good gear advice - to which I'll add/reinforce : ditch reflector, 2nd headtorch, water filter, saw. Slim down hygiene stuff. Replace all cotton clothing with wool and/or polyester. Replace foam mat with tramping inflatable mat (much less bulk, more comfortable). Replace hammock with tent. ASAP, replace nylon/pvc o'pants & jacket with gortex-equivalent gear. IMO, your pack would be sufficient for a 3-day tramp with basic/standard gear- biggest issues are the bag, mat & hammock. I dont know your skill levels but, assuming fairly new to tramping, take it slowly. A couple of short distance, 1-night tramps to test gear, food needs, route skills etc. Don't go solo until you have experience. Walk with friends or, better imo, join a club.
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