Where to buy 'white gas' fuel for MSR Whisperlite?

Hey I went to Bunnings today to find some fuel for my MSR Whisperlite which only takes 'White Gas' and bought 'White Spirit' https://www.bunnings.co.nz/diggers-1l-white-spirits_p00309663 but I dont thats it the right type to use. Does anybody know where to get the proper white gas to use with the MSR Whisperlite? Its really confusing
You are correct - wrong stuff. Take it back and replace with shellite : https://www.bunnings.co.nz/diggers-1l-shellite_p00309654
Every hardware sports shop and most garages sell it. Look for the names Coleman fuel, Fuelite, Calcite, and shelite. The Coleman fuel here will look different to USA. Here it does not have the green anti corrosive added so all the above brands are the same. If you want lots have a look on line at the oil company websites for bulk suppliers of the above brands. You can buy 20L for about 10x the price of the 1L. Do think about how you store it though. A few people commented about me having it right next to the ark welder

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Started by TrailGirl
On 29 December 2018
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