Trouble uploading profile pic

Hi mods, Thanks for running this awesome forum. I am having trouble uploading a profile picture, using latest OSX with chrome. When I upload something I get a page that looks like this: (I have tried also on windows and linux with chrome and firefox respectively) Thanks in advance, A
Kia ora @M400-1 Thanks I'll check what's going on there and get back to you. Matthew
Thanks Matthew Angus
Im getting the same message. are there any updates?
Sorry guys. Should be a fix for this tomorrow evening. Also, I am looking at problems with images being mis-oriented (e.g. upside down). I think I have a fix for that too.
Kia ora koutou, Sorry about the image upload problem. It should be sorted now. Matthew

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Started by M400-1
On 7 October 2018
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