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Kia ora koutou, I am open to your feedback on what you'd like to see here (or what bugs you) as I am at the end of major changes. My priorities at this stage are: 1. Collections. Like favourites but you can have multiple, such as "bucket list" or whatever you like. These are private to you, but you can also share them. 2. Log in with Facebook. A thriving community needs people to join it, and the lower the barrier, the more people join. In the background I am also refreshing some old page templates and fixing minor issues here and there. There have been three updates deployed in the last month. I'd like to hear your priorities as I haven't started work on either of the above yet. Some ideas are easy and some take a lot of work. Given I have limited time, I will prioritise the things that have a big impact without excessive effort. In the meantime, I'm off for a 3 day tramp. First time I've had 3 days available in...uh...some years. :smile: Thanks, Matthew
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Well, one frustration (that I would have thought wasn't too difficult to address) is the inability to view photos in order of most recently added (or updated - whatever is appropriate). The order at present seems to be stuck on Lord Brassey Berdans - nice pic but there's another 30+ photos that have been added since and, short of editing the address bar, I can't view them.
the forum on widescreen monitors is only making use of about 50% the available space, which is kinda annoying - but no biggie.
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Started by Matthew
On 19 January 2018
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