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Kia ora koutou, I am open to your feedback on what you'd like to see here (or what bugs you) as I am at the end of major changes. My priorities at this stage are: 1. Collections. Like favourites but you can have multiple, such as "bucket list" or whatever you like. These are private to you, but you can also share them. 2. Log in with Facebook. A thriving community needs people to join it, and the lower the barrier, the more people join. In the background I am also refreshing some old page templates and fixing minor issues here and there. There have been three updates deployed in the last month. I'd like to hear your priorities as I haven't started work on either of the above yet. Some ideas are easy and some take a lot of work. Given I have limited time, I will prioritise the things that have a big impact without excessive effort. In the meantime, I'm off for a 3 day tramp. First time I've had 3 days available in...uh...some years. :smile: Thanks, Matthew
Been suggested before ... but #1 for me would be topomaps in all your map frames instead of terrain. Especially when geotagging (choose locations) photos, huts, tracks, etc
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Topomaps will be in the next update, very soon. :grin:
@Matthew, when I'm on the Forums page, the texts of the posts are extending past the right margin of the text box and off the right side of the screen. A navigation bar is at the bottom so you can scroll right, but the text runs across the ads, texts, etc. on the right hand side of the page. Anything to do on my end or are others experiencing this issue?
Hi Mine was like that too, until I accessed through google chrome, and then it all came right. Hope that helps.
Im not seeing that in firefox on a fullpc
@gregor and @bushtrekker, what browsers are you using please?
No new requests from me but a big thanks for making the entire photo contributions easily accessible again. Being able to see the map pointers on the topo maps is also a welcome improvement. I seem to be noticing that "search function and speed" have improved a bit too or have I just got lucky in recent days? I'm using Chrome to access the site from a PC and things are working smoothly at the moment. Cheers, glennj
@Matthew - Microsoft Explorer
MSIE forums issue replicated. Thanks for notifying that. Yech. Doesn't look good! @glennj Great! Please keep any frustrations rolling in. There's a lot to do, but I'd rather tackle the frustrations first....
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Started by Matthew
On 19 January 2018
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