Powell and Jumbo hut

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Despite reports in the media, DOC just confirmed me that both huts are open. Strengthening work on Jumbo is completed, rebuild on Powell is still in planning stages.

Thanks for letting us know, might go there in March :)

Rebuild now [scheduled for October](https://www.wildernessmag.co.nz/powell-hut-rebuild-delayed/?utm_content=buffer71dc3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer)

What are the implications of it becoming a great walk? Would that mean national park status for the tararua. As a tararua tramper I wish for neither scenarios.

I hadn't even considered this becoming a great walk! Would be terrible indeed. Please leave this area alone. A better option would be the South of Rimutaka's I think.

i dont think it was up for a great walk in the list DOC released Tararuas 1. Holdsworth to Kaitoke 2. Waiohine to Waingawa 3. Mt Bruce to Kaitoke unless if was going to be part of no 3.... Tararuas are a bad place for great walks, they are already busy, mainly with locals, and having booked out tracks that are advertised internationally is just going to crowd out the high no of locals that use the area. most great walks are in areas of lower population areas that didnt tend to get thrashed by locals. the great walks attract a high percentage of foreigners over summer who book out the tracks... and the huts and campsites cost more, so what do people do when they don't have the money for the increased charges? teenagers? families?

Last few times in Tararuas half the people I met were from overseas. Its already well used from tourists

well if they put a great walk in the no of overseas people will go right up. i've been in great walk huts of 50 people where there are few if any other kiwis.. either way the huts book out in summer , sometimes weeks or months in advance.... the summer holiday season can book out the day the bunks become available for booking, not just on the milford track, its spreading to other great walks because the milford sells out so fast.

Every time i read about doc considering new 'great' walks i just cross my fingers and prey they aren't going to put one in the tararuas, the TA has had enough of an impact that i can't believe that it wouldn't ruin the area.

I hate the impact the trail has had on places like Nichols hut. It's a criminal offence imo. I hate everything about the Te Araroa trail. It's not tramping. It's not a pleasant way to experience our country or back country. That's my personal opinion.

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Started by Berend de Boer
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