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Yeah Hi, I live in Christchurch where I pretty much grew up and generally tramp in the Arthurs or Lewis Pass areas due to their close proximity to home. My introduction to tramping was around 20 to 25 years ago on a high school trip through the St James walkway. Loved every rain soaked minute of it and have been hooked ever since. It wasn't really until I was living in Perth W.A. that the idea of solo tramping dawned on me. I wanted to go tramping in Tasmania and didn't know anyone else to go with, so off I went anyway. That trip, on the Port Davey track below the Western Arthurs was a disaster but I learned a lot and have tramped alone ever since. I get a kick out of making my own routes, pulling out the maps and drawing lines to make my own adventures. I love taking the odd photo or ten and essentially I just love being out there.

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