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Hello Everyone, This is Lesa Thomas and I work for an online drugstore named AssertMeds.Com as a health consultant. In ....


Canadian tree planting supervisor and keen naturalist. Staying in nz to help make it greener and experience some kea strongholds ....



The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, ....


The very latest news of New Zealand is here -


Ex-hydro person and retired electrician. Went for a walk recently and found a flaxmill dam in a creek that was quite ....


I will be traveling to New Zealand on holiday and hope to get some tramping in while I'm there..


Hi, I'm Matthew and I started this website way back in December 1996. It has been evolving and growing ever since. With a young family, I ...


Have been a tramper for getting on 40 years now. Currently active with the Rotorua Tramping & Skiing Club but cut my teeth with the ...


Been regularly tramping throughout NZ since 1970. Am an ex NZ Forest Service employee, private forestry company employee & a contractor who has done 30+ ...


Born in Hokitika, I first started tramping in 1967 with the Papanui High School tramping club in Christchurch. I have continued tramping over the years ...


Methven Search & Rescue & Mt Somers Walkway Society & Hakatere Heritage Committee.Keen tramper,prefer off the beaten track.Now a professional tramper;NZ Super makes me a ...


I have been out and about in the hills since the middle sixties. Deerstalking at first but mainly tramping for the last twenty odd years.I ...


Hi, my name is Peter and my interests are tramping, photography and travelling. I am now retired. My wife and I walked across England last ...


Climbing things is taking over my life, please help me.
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