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Hi I'm Euan and have been tramping for around 60 years now. I'm the handsome guy on the right in "my picture", the other person is my amazing wife and tramping companion Jennie and the photo was taken in Patagonia on the Torres del Paine "W" track, Lagos del Gray and Glacier Gray in the background (good spot). These days I live and do most of my tramping in the southern South Island but do occasionally get back to my old stamping ground of the Tararuas. There was a time when I had visited all the Tararua huts but DOC keeps building new ones! Still haven't made it to Ivory Lake, but NW and Southern circuits have been put to bed, the latter this year (2020), challenging for two oldies! Feb 2024 will mark 60 years since my first visit to Field hut - hope to return on this anniversary! Also want to increase my "hut bagging" total to 700, (currently 617), could be challenging at my age! Definitely in the market for "low hanging fruit" in this regard. Cheers, Euan

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