New tracks

Chummies Track

Marked tramping track to John Reid Hut and the Arthur Range tops. NB - the start of the track requires an un-bridged crossing of the Wangapeka River. Normal flow is knee to thigh deep. Once across the river a short ...   More ▶︎

Blyth Hut, via waitonga falls

Bush, river and tops adventure on the flanks of ruapehu in Tongariro NP. Perfect for the Whole family.   More ▶︎

Big River - Rainy Creek route

An old route from the Big River goldmining ghost town out to SH7 and the Inangahua River. This route follows faded trails that may be overgrown or completely gone.   More ▶︎
Big River Dam

Big River Dam

Short route from the Big River goldmining town site up to the old dam in open tussock flats.   More ▶︎
Big River Track

Big River Track

Following the line of the old road from Waiuta to Big River, this is an easy forest walk between goldmining ghost towns.   More ▶︎
Mid Taipo Hut to Dunns Creek Hut

Mid Taipo Hut to Dunns Creek Hut

The more direct route from Mid Taipo to Dunns Creek, the alternative to heading all the way up Dunns Ck from the track to Dillons.   More ▶︎

Lake Matheson

Mirror Lake   More ▶︎

Hog's Back Track   More ▶︎

Lake Hanlon Walk

Short walk by the highway leading into a small lake surrounded by forest.   More ▶︎

Box Canyon and Crazy Paving Caves

Very short walk to two interesting easy-access caves   More ▶︎