Kakapo hut

Kahurangi National Park

Kakapo hut is near the river on the TL bank of the middle reaches of the Kakapo River. The Kakapo River is a tributary of the Karamea River.

The hut was built in 1958 by the NZFS for wild animal control purposes. It is a four bunker with an open fire.

Sections of the original tracks to this hut have become overgrown or obliterated by slips but it is easy enough to get to if you are competent at untracked bush travel.

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Key information
Owner: DOC
Basic Hut/Bivvy
Sleeps 4
Open fireplace
Water supply
No water
Getting there
Getting there
1/ Via Herbert Ck & the Kakapo Saddle from the Taipo R. Follow the marked route on the TL of Herbert Ck up through the Saddle. Where the marking stops descend NW to the Kakapo River. Head down stream for around 3km then a taped route that turns into a cut track leads to the hut. (5 - 7hrs) 2/ Via Drain Creek, Lawrence Saddle, Bellbird Stream & an Un-named Saddle to the Kakapo R. Both ends of this route are well marked but only bits & pieces in the middle are. (7hrs+ from Bell Town hut)
This hut is unlocked and open to access.
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Mobile phone coverage
No coverage
ID 6050

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