Pt 1944 Down Ridge of Beuzenberg Peak

Richmond hut (Te Kahui Kaupeka)

A tiny mustering hut high on Bush Stream. The hut is old, with signatures dating back to 1896. It is ...   More ▶︎

Royal Hut

An old mustering hut located in the broad tussock basin of Bush Stream. Originally called "New Hut", its name changed ...   More ▶︎

Rex Simpson Hut

This hut located at the top edge of a terrace above Lake Tekapo. It is owned by Alpine Recreation and ...   More ▶︎

Tekapo High Country Trek

The Tekapo High Country Trek is a 3-day alpine hike through open tussock country in the Two Thumb Range, above ...   More ▶︎
Camp Stream Hut

Camp Stream Hut

A small, dark hut in good condition, owned by the Mackenzie Alpine Trust, and free to use. Donations are appreciated. ...   More ▶︎

Stone Hut (Canterbury)

This historic hut is constructed of stone and corrugated iron, and located in Forest Creek. The first stone hut on ...   More ▶︎

Forest Creek. Bullock Bow Saddle, Bush Stream circuit

3 day circuit (1 full day) involving retired pastoral lease runs. Middle section especially attractive as it traverses unfolding rolling ...   More ▶︎
Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park

Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park

Canterbury high country park including the Two Thumb Range and large portions of Mesopotamia Station.   More ▶︎