Boyle Flats Hut

MetalCupcake 28 Dec 2019
ShazDavis ShazDavis 2 Jun 2015 Really efficient burner. Cosy night, but would rate as our second-worst hut night ever with inconsiderate party-goers for company. Not a fault of the hut though!
Honora Honora 30 Aug 2014 Very good wood burner and plenty of dead standing stuff around the hut. The window seats are a nice touch. The bunks have narrow mattresses but I don't think that's gonna be a problem for the clientele that come here. It is possible to get to the hut in less than 3 hrs. Just sayin'.
glennj glennj 9 Dec 2013
hazel 1 Jan 2012
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tonya tonya 18 Mar 2010
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