Route guide: Scotts Road to North Mangahao Biv

dmolnar dmolnar 10 Jan 2015
We just attempted to walk to North Mangahao via Scotts Rd. A couple of comments: 1. The forestry is apparently private land. While walking through we got stopped by a couple of forestry guys who said that the area was currently closed to the public (including the Te Araroa trail) as they were harvesting. He let us continue but said he would get in touch with DoC. Not sure how to find out if access is permitted or not. 2. The track from the top of the forestry to 'the rocks' has recently been cut. Travel down to Miro Stream is good and well marked. 3. We followed the pink ribbon trail from Miro Stream up the spur to the leatherwood. We wanted to find a sidle track to NM Biv on the northern side of the ridge at approx 580-620m, but it was extremely dense horopito/lawyer/corprosma forest with the odd totara - not advised! We eventually got to where the biv is located but couldn't find it. There were quite a few taped tracks but all ended up in a dead end. We searched for about an hour but decided to head to Punga Hut as the area was pretty rough for camping. 4. In order to attemp to miss out the dense scrub we followed a blue ribbon trail (which also ended in dead end) to approx. 500-550m and sidled back to the west at this elevation. No signs of any tracks, routes or trails at all, and it was equally as scrubby as higher. Again, not recommended! 5. Not sure where the 'super highway' is, but we definitely didn't see any sign of it. All in all we had a 9 hour day, most of which was spent crawling on our knees through that damn scrub. Next time i think we will try the route as described in the original post, unless we can work out who to contact to acess the private land on the eastern side.
madpom madpom 4 Nov 2011