John Reid Hut

iangeorge iangeorge 25 Apr 2017
malcsmeat 18 Mar 2017 Entered this hut via the ridge line from Mt Patriarch and exited via Chummies track. There is a poled route from the ridge line, we saw the hut before we saw the route and were unsure if it was still there and decided to descend out own way. I would urge you to stay on the ridge until you see the poles (they are there afterall) and take the trail. cutting across the tussocks was hard and slow going due to concealed drains/ditches/holes. Hut was in good shape, water accessible from stream nearby. Long drop is getting pretty full!
glennj glennj 24 Feb 2016 There are great views from the tops behind (north) of John Reid Hut. Saw a spectre while heading around the tops to this hut from Mt Patriarch.
macca macca 1 Feb 2012