Newton Range biv

whio1 3 Dec 2013 Traversed from Mt. Brown Hut along the ridge to the biv in perfect weather. The scrub is cut, thankfully, to the low point between Pt.1154 and 1240. Judging by the M.B hut book Mark Pickering and Sven Brabyn did a bit of a trim in March 2013. Good effort guys, much appreciated. Then it's a bit of follow your nose, then a bit more cutting over a steep section. Pretty much stick to the crest of the ridge. Narrow, exposed and quite committing in the odd spot! 9 hours to Newton Range Biv due to fitness and heavy pack. The views are outstanding in all directions. Unfortunately Newton Range Biv is tucked into the hill in a low lying watery basin. Lucky it's on piles! Headed off to the route down to Grassy Flats Hut. Track through scrub is ok, but creek down to Styx River is a little blown out. 2.5 hours N.R Biv to G.F Hut
glennj glennj 18 Apr 2012
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