"Old" Julia hut

M400-1 M400-1 22 Apr 2019
iangeorge iangeorge 31 Mar 2018
hazel 1 Jan 2015 Refurbished in February 2014 by Max Dorfliger and Dick Brasier. Fantastic job, and the hut is better than ever!
glennj glennj 7 Apr 2013 Looks a bit run down these days but is still cosy despite the gaps between the floor slabs. I like having the open fire at this hut. The last couple of nights at Julia were spent at this hut rather than "new" Julia. Miss the big porch which was removed!
matthew matthew 25 Mar 1989 Arrived in the dark after a long day over Hunts Ridge from Hunts Creek Hut, and that was my first tramping trip. Hut was very welcome -- we didn't know until morning there was a "new" hut.
glennj glennj 1 Jan 1973
iangeorge iangeorge 10 Apr 1971