North Ohau Hut

monkeysh1ne monkeysh1ne 30 Jun 2018 Still a great little hut with a commendable library. Well worth getting cold & wet for although I'm sure it would be even better in summer when you can enjoy the camp fire area outside complete with bench seats =)
monkeysh1ne monkeysh1ne 22 Mar 2014 One of the best huts I've ever stayed in! A cosy little hut with ample dry wood and great insulation plus a terrific deck and benched fire area outside. Very intimate (read NO privacy and you will have to get on with other guests!) but terrific for this reason. You will get your shorts wet but it's well worth a visit.
john dutchie john dutchie 6 Oct 2012
madpom madpom 14 Aug 2010