Lower Matakuhia Hut

hazel 1 Apr 2014 Track from Upper Matakuhia to Lower took us just under 8 hours, taking it slow and easy with lots of breaks and looking at the scenery. Hunter hyperbole would have you believe it's impassable but that's not the case - there's not much of a track but it's not that hard. There's some windfall to negotiate and a couple of gorges (we waded through all but one of them - found a route through the bush for the other one), but otherwise it's a straightforward case of following the stream/river. From Upper M, the first 45 mins is easy going. Then you get to a waterfall on your left-hand side as you cross the stream. From there, the track is easy to follow but a bit more rugged for the next 45 mins to an hour as it sidles the valley. Once you drop back down to cross the stream, you're better off just sticking to the waterway rather than trying to find the track.
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