Kauritatahi Hut

Laurette 13 Oct 2018 Walked up from the BOP side of Thompsons track. We enjoyed clear skies and great views. Hut well looked after by its occupants and the deer stalkers. Well worth the walk!
Pageix 28 Dec 2017
Briar Briar 12 Aug 2017 Walked in from Aongatete Lodge in 5:40 hours (5hrs back down). Enjoyed the scramble up from the NS track and the mud along the ridge! Unfortunately we were in thick cloud from 500m so can neither confirm nor deny that there are great views. The fireplace was removed in June 2017. Full trip write up is on my blog
letmeloose 10 Feb 2012 We have an off track rout from Thompsons Track car park B.O.P. to the saddle where the Ngatamahineru track leaves the North South. It's easy, all weather and has no mud. 3 hrs for a fit person with day pack to Kauritatahi. Make contact through Tauranga Mid Week Tramping if yo want to find out about it.
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