Burn Hut

dmolnar dmolnar 3 Feb 2019 Track on tops (to the north of the hut) fairly overgrown and in need of a cut.
bigpaul bigpaul 26 Nov 2013 tidy hut with good views on a clear day
madpom madpom 10 Aug 2013 Just been through this area again at the weekend and can announce that the ridgeline route from Burn Hut towards Herepai (I only went as far as the saddle west of Massey Knob) has been recut/cleared through the sections of scrub. Travel is now pretty reasonable though the sections of flax/tussock/less-than-knee-high leatherleaf are still untracked. The route is now a walk rater than scramble / crawl / bash, and though tiring going with tall tussock and flax is definately viable. Beyond Massey the ridge was good last time I visited, so suspect you'll be ok from there on. At the Burn end the cut route starts just as the DOC track start to drop to the saddle east of pt 835, and was marked by pink tape wrapped round a DOC marker post. Coming from the South all was fairly clear except the start of the sidle-track north of pt840. The track drops a few meters down the eastern face and sidles, starting just where the thick scrub starts and you need to be up on on the ridgeline (not down on the western face) to spot the markers.
Dave Johnston Dave Johnston 1 Jan 2013
john dutchie john dutchie 21 May 2011
madpom madpom 1 May 2006