Mt Greenland Hut

glennj glennj 10 Aug 2021 Woodburner & flue have been replaced since last visit by SINDA members.
glennj glennj 22 Jun 2018 Stayed 2 nights. Hunted for old tracks and mining relics in the Totara River catchment.
glennj glennj 12 Nov 2017 Spent time finding and following old abandoned miners tracks on the Mikonui side of Mt Greenland.
glennj glennj 17 Apr 2017 It was a pleasant surprise to find out that what had been a private hut is now open to public use. I have stayed in the old, now collapsed, Mt Greenland Hut back in the early 1970's and visited the site of this current hut back then before it was even built.