Bealey Spur

stuso672 26 Feb 2018
Tramped up beyond Bealey Spur Hut to Pt 1581. Beautiful morning views. Must do an overnight tramp up here to the tarns along Black Range
matthew matthew 26 Mar 2017
Rainy morning with cloud clinging to the hills. Found an interesting little side track on rhe way back straight to the car park below the road.
Oli5000 Oli5000 14 Oct 2015
Took a slow walk up to the hut - about 4 hours. Longer than necessary as I stopped to take heaps of photos. Still a very small amount of snow just above the hut in mid-October.
JETNZ JETNZ 25 Jul 2015
Outstanding views, easy walk to the hut.
Honora Honora 1 Apr 2014
Hut was relocated in 2013, a few metres east and refurbished e.g. replaced rotten beech pole framing. It is possible to continue along the ridge and then drop down to the confluence of Jordan Stream/Waimak R (Birch Nook). There is a way down via a scree into Little Jordan Stream though I haven't done it yet. In low flows one can descend from further along the range between 1545 and 1581 to Power Stream for a gorge bash. Yet to do this too, maybe some lovely hot March day. There is also the obvious loop involving Jordan Saddle and Jordan Stream. We did a 2 day trip camping out at the wee tarn at the SW face in the head of Junction Stream and then descended Bruce Stream until we encountered an impassible waterfall at NZMG E2392968, N5793793. We bypassed this on the true right which was an absolute bitch for regen. Maybe try the true left next time! Gorgeous weekend anyway.
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