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Hi, Have a general plan to hike NZ from tip to toe. Here's what I envision... 2 months - Dec/Jan, or Jan/Feb. Which would be more practical in terms of travel/weather/etc...North to South or South to North. Is 2 months enough...would like to include all great walks and their connectors. I average 10-20k a day. Couple of general questions... Of course huts are great, but I intend to tent the majority of nights. Is tenting permited on all/most trails (excuding private land)? Fire? Are camp fires allowed (assuming low hazards)? I treat fire with highest regard...always build tiny fires...boil a pot, warm face & hands...put it out! Transportation to and from trail heads - generally available? Cost? ( I realize cost varies with distance/time/etc)but generally... Am I up for it? 2009 I hiked the West Coast Trail - 77k in 6.5 days. 2010 - I hiked the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail - 50k AND the WCT in 9.5 days. All self contained with no re-supply. This link will show you some pics from the two years. And absolutely anything else you care to share. As time draws closer, I'll start firming up details. Generally I do not believe in reserve-systems but sometimes you gotta bend! Isn't my intention to ignore the cities or the people. With only 2 months, I suspect most of my time will be on the trail.
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NZers in the backcountry as busy as ever. Tourists not quite so much but getting there. Its not just covid its airfares due to fuel costs. If you are away from the tourist walks and areas you might not see another tourist
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Forum Visiting New Zealand
Started by gottawalkit
On 9 August 2010
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