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nice thought and most thieves are quite shy for obvious reasons but also its an excuse to have a big vehicle there with lots of extra storage. (think bigger shopping trolley)
Know a good number of people in the NI with 'roadend cars'. And 'station cars' for that matter. Never thought I'd see it down here though. Now. where did I leave my keys? Oh yes ... in the ignition.
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Many years ago (ok several decades) We did a trip from Catchpool into the Orongaonga valley for a weekend. At that stage the Catchpool carpark did have a less than desirable reputation. Anyway we got back to the car and found the passenger window wide open. It was then that the wife remembered her wallet complete with a full set of credit cards was in the glove box. It was still there complete with cash and everything. Last laugh was on me though. It had rained most of the weekend and the seat cover on vinyl seat did educate her well enough on the dangers of leaving windows open.
Otaki forks had problems with breakins at the old carpark which was a couple of k's back up the road at roaring meg before they had a bridge over it, until they put the ranger in at the forks and moved the carpark next to the rangers place by the river where it is today
I used to like that little Boyle Settlement spot for a quiet (free) overnight stop before fishing the Lewis area - another gone :(
Otaki Forks does still get hit from time to time. Ive had a car broken into that was sitting 1 meter from the window for the room I was sleeping in and had a window smashed on a work car 2 meters from a neighbors window losing a laptop. The realitty is if they want your stuff they will just take it. Better not to leave invites in plain view
I'm surprised to hear that. I consider otaki forks, poads road and holdsworth the sure thing safe parking spots in the Tarrys.
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i think thieves are more likely to be high on drugs these days and may be more brazen than decades gone by
Poads is next to a private house holdsworth is well rangered but otaki There might be a rangers residence there but it is well obscured from the carpark. A theif would have to be very game but it definatly isnt trouble free
Back in the States I would leave the car unlocked and, obviously, leave nothing of value in the car. But here in NZ you have many more gearhead fobs who would just as soon hotwire an unlocked car and take it either for a joyride or a ram raid as they would break in for a theft.
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