Water purifier- which one to buy?

While tramping Te Paki Coastal Track, Abel Tasman Coastal Track, and maybe the Kepler, it might be necessary to purify some water. Ok, I never needed to do this, before, so I just looked up the availlable solutions. It is either purifying tablets, which you put in a bottle of water, than wait a while, before you can drink it. These tablets contain either silver, or chlorine (including the nasty taste of chlorine). Or you can buy filters,with a mechanism to pump the water through the filter. The filters are said to be more effective, but the tablets are cheaper. What do I need on said tracks? And if a filter would be needed, do you have an advice on which one is best? It should be small in size and lightweight, but I don`t need to tell you, do I? ;)
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Steripen that gaiters referred to
Yep. I've had two Steripens. They're pretty good. Light and compact, and if used correctly, effective. I used one through 5 months of trekking through SE Asia. Remember though, there are two separate aspects of water treatment; filtering and purifying. Filtering can be done with a fandangled contraption or simply a cloth over the mouth of your water bottle when you dip it in a stream. Both are somewhat effective, obviously one more so than the other. But at the end of the day, filtering water, no matter how effective, only removes particulates. Purifying water is done by either chemical treatment (chlorine, potassium permanganate etc), UV sterilisation (Steripens etc) or boiling. Filter then purify if you can. However, I drink straight from most streams in NZ that aren't in threat of dairy run off. And as I mentioned, I've had giardia already. I guess it's just a matter of what level of water cleanliness are you comfortable with.....
I have a steripen adventurer. It has been an invaluable asset on many overseas tramps. I don't use it to filter but to purify. I used it in tea houses in Nepal. Easier than boiling. Instant refreshment. My German pal had chlorine pills he was always asking to use my steripen.
Abhi RO water purifiers offer a reliable and cost-effective solution to clean drinking water. Abhi RO purifiers employ multiple purification processes including UV, UF or MTDS technology, which ensures the removal of a wide range of impurities, bacteria and viruses. Abhi RO also takes health into account by not removing essential minerals completely; instead, they make sure that those minerals are balanced according to the World Health Organization’s standards. With Abhi RO water purifier you can be assured that only the purest and healthiest drinking water reaches your family. It is also very easy to install and maintain, making Abhi RO an ideal choice for busy households with little time for manual maintenance.
Why cant I see a model suitable for hiking on your website?
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